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Groodle Care

We wish you a smooth bonding with
your beautiful Groodle

A new puppy joining the family is a very exciting time. You want your puppy to be the best dog possible, so it is very important to learn a bit about how dogs think and behave.

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Do not take your puppy to public places where there could possibly have been unvaccinated dogs that could spread disease, until 10 days after its 3rd vaccination. It should then be safe for your puppy to visit friends with vaccinated dogs.


The Fun Begins… Shopping

Things we would recommend purchasing: Good quality food, we recommend Natural Balance, gentle Leader training collar (teaches puppy to not pull on leash), sling bed, stainless flat-bottomed bowls, dog door, brisket or other large bones, thin liver treats which break up easily for training rewards, pooh bags for walks, pooh scooper for your yard, toys that are durable and good for chewing, stuffed soft toy (be careful what it is stuffed with).

Things we would not recommend: wee pads or newspaper (you are only prolonging successful house-training).

Preparing the yard

Make sure all gates, fences, etc. are secure and that your puppy cannot dig out underneath. It is often a good idea to have pavers under entrance gates, as this appears to be the most likely place your puppy will first look for an exit. Do not let your puppy push through in front of you to go through gates or doors.Teach your puppy first to sit and wait and then be allowed through after you.

If you have vertical pool fencing, most puppies will be able to fit through for the first month or so. Wire mesh attached to the bottom of pool fencing, is a cheap temporary safety measure. When Your Puppy Arrives Lots of cuddles and reassuring hugs is the first thing your puppy will need. So make it feel loved and secure.Offer your new puppy a little food as soon as it arrives or if you don’t live far, as soon as you get home.

Your puppy will not have been fed since the evening meal the day before if it has travelled by air, as it is better for it to travel on an empty stomach. Have fresh water available at all times. 2-3 hours later feed another small meal. Your puppy will have been used to eating by itself. You puppy will have a collar on arrival, please bring a leash and always let your pup and dog travel in the car with a leach attached for more security.. A rough guide to the size of your puppy’s neck at 8 weeks of age for collar size is as follows: Minis 15cm, Medium 22cm and Standard 30cm. But your puppy has had no or very little leash training, so take it gently at the very beginning.

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