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There are many books, course and trainings. Their incredible intelligence makes it easy!

First everyone in your household should know and agree to the commands and rewards that will be used. Labradoodle’s main fault could be that their owners do not always constructively challenge their intelligence!

Here are a few Basic Training Tips from the moment your puppy walks in the door.

Just Like Children

They are a bit like children who never quite grow up, but the trait is adorable as long as they are well mannered. Nothing is more annoying than a bad mannered dog and it is the owner’s fault not the dog’s. However they are not children and they should not be treated as human beings, as it only confuses them and ends up making them unruly, unpleasant and unhappy dogs.

To start with, pick-up most things chewable at the puppy’s level. If you leave it, you may loose it this includes shoes, toys, etc. and this applies to everyone. Tell everyone; don’t blame the puppy if you left it in reach

Dogs learn through repetition. If they get a positive experience from a behaviour they will repeat it. If they get a negative experience they will learn to not repeat the behaviour. Normally the strongest reward/motivator for a dog is food, with other rewards being games, toys, walks, ball or play with other dogs.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are an extremely good idea, and the earlier they start, the better.It is important to build trust, boundaries and consistent rulesin the first year of puppy’s life to ensure a happy and well mannered dog.

They really do want to be with you and to please you!Please don’t start puppy classes prior to puppy being fully immunised, it’s just not worth the risk. When you do start, make sure it is a safe (disease free) puppy school.

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